How to Sell a Car With a Bad Engine

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Do you have a car that you want to sell? What if the car has a bad engine and you can’t drive it. Well, you will have a problem trying to sell that car to a dealership or a private seller. When it comes to a dealership, they will tell you everything that is wrongs with your vehicle and offer you a “low ball” price. Private buyers typically want a car that runs. So, what are your options? Here’s what you can do: 

Sell the Car to an Auto Garage for the Parts

While the engine may not work on your vehicle, it can still be useful for an auto garage that can strip the vehicle for parts. For instance, your car may have a working battery, alternator, catalytic converter, exhaust, and HVAC system. Also, the auto garage may be able to re-use the body panels and windshield. In fact, an auto garage may be able to get thousands of dollars of parts out of your non-running vehicle. 

Sell the Parts Yourself

You also have the option to sell the parts yourself. This may require some more work on your hards. However, you may be able to make more money than just selling your car to an auto garage. If you want to sell the parts yourself, then you should be handy with your tools and know where to sell the parts. This may be a time-consuming process. Therefore, you will want to factor in all the time it will take to get the job done. 

Sell Your Car to a Junk Buyer

Another option is to sell your car to a junk buyer. This is going to be the fastest and possibly easiest option for you. This is because you will get an “on the spot” offer for your vehicle no matter what condition that it is in. Also, you will be paid right away. There are a number of reasons why you will want to consider selling your car to a buyer:


  • You are busy – Between work and family duties, you may not have the time to part out your vehicle or drive to auto garages looking for a great deal. A junk buyer can remove your vehicle and get you paid in one afternoon. 
  • You need cash now – If you try to part out the vehicle, it could take weeks to get all the money you can out of the vehicle. Also, it may take time to get multiple offers from different auto garages.
  • Your vehicle is a hazard – If your vehicle doesn’t move, then it will be too hard to drive it to an auto garage to get offers. Also, your vehicle may be in such a poor shape that it could potentially dangerous for your to remove the parts with simple tools. 

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