Signs Your Car or Truck is Reaching its Expiration Date?

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There comes a time when every vehicle needs to retire and hit the junkyard. Therefore, you may be wondering if it is time for your vehicle to get sold off as a junker. To help you find out, we’ve listed five top signs that your car or truck is reaching its expiration date. 

1). The Vehicle’s Repair Costs Exceed its Value

As your car or truck gets older, it will have to deal with repairs more often. Some of the most common repairs on older vehicles include work on the engine, transmission, HVAC system, and suspension. That could mean some hefty repair bills. At a certain point, the repair costs are going to exceed the value of the vehicle.


Unless you have a particular attachment to your vehicle, it makes no sense to pay $4,000 for a repair on a $3,000 vehicle. At this point, you are better off selling your vehicle to a junk buyer than dealing with continued repairs. 


2). Your Vehicle has Excessive Rust and Chemical Leaks 

There are several types of issues that simply make a vehicle impossible to live with. Two major issues that will immediately make a car undrivable are excessive rust and chemical leaks. Excessive rust can literally “eat the car” away and make it nearly impossible to repair at a reasonable price. Chemical leaks are more dangerous and become a potential safety hazard while the vehicle is in motion. 


There are no real sensible repairs to a vehicle that has excessive rust or chemical leaks. Therefore, you are better off getting the junk value for the vehicle than trying to waste money on repairs. 


3). Your Car Is More than 15 Years Old 

The average vehicle on the road today is about 11.9 years old. That’s actually rather impressive since manufacturer warranties tend to expire at about five years and powertrain warranties last about 10 years. However, when your vehicle since the 15-year mark, then you should seriously consider selling it for junk.

That’s because a 15-year-old car will be about three generations behind when it comes to safety and tech features. Simply put, you will be driving a vehicle that is really behind the times and you are better off driving something a little newer. 

4). Your Car Got Flooded 

If your vehicle is involved in a flood, then it will make no sense to keep it on the road. In many cases, a flooded car will never be the same and the repair costs will be excessive. Even if your car or truck is less than three years old, a flooded vehicle needs to be taken off of the 


5). Your Vehicle Reaches the Legal Definition of a Junk Car 

Finally, the United States actually has a legal definition for a junk car. 49 USCS Code 30501. The code specifies that a junk car is no longer operable on legal roads and it has no other value than being sold for scrap.


If Uncle Sam thinks that your car or truck is junk, then it is a good idea to sell your vehicle for what you can get for it from a junk buyer. 

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