Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my car even it is not running anymore?

Here with 281 Houston Cash For Cars, you don’t have to worry whether your car is running or not because we will buy it no matter what condition it has. With us, you can sell junk car whatever condition it has. If you don’t have the time to fix your junk car and would like to save your energy, then selling it to us is the best answer. You don’t have to worry about the towing because we offer it for free and we will pay you the right price.

What are the kinds of cars you purchase?

Generally, I buy junk vehicles. But even though your car is junk, the junk cars that we buy are models from 2000 and above. Also, the car that you are selling should have a clear title to avoid any issues. Wherever you may be, 281 Houston Cash For Cars will be happy to pick up the car you are selling since we provide free towing services for your car. If your junk car is running or not, you can sell it to us and expect that no hidden obligations or sign-ups will happen. Just give us a call and we will negotiate it with you professionally and fairly.

If I sell my junk car, will I have to pay for the tow?

The good news is that you don’t have anything to worry about the towing of your junk car because 281 Houston Cash For Cars will take care of it. We offer towing services for free! You don’t have to get into some trouble of finding a towing service for your car because we are not only cash for cars, but we also include the towing services once you sell your junk car to us. We will take care of the towing. No need for you to move and exhaust yourself.

What happens when I sell my junk car to you?

Once you sell your junk car to 281 Houston Cash For Cars, you will instantly receive the cash payment! Yes! Selling your junk car is the fastest way of getting rid of your junk car and you can sell it with me or with us because I buy junk vehicles. We will turn your junk car into cash which you can use other important matters. I buy cars in the Greater Houston area and you can have the cash on the spot. No need to wait for several days or weeks just to have the money because, with us, you can have the cash as soon as you sell your junk cars to us.

If your questions are not answered, please feel free to call us anytime and our friendly staff will answer your queries professionally. 281.650.0218