What Are Some Options if Your Car Has a Blown Engine?

What Are Some Options if Your Car Has a Blown Engine? 1280 720 281 Houston Cash For Cars

It’s not fun dealing with a car or truck with a blown engine. If you own a vehicle with serious engine problems, then you will want to consider all the available options available. Here’s a look at three things that you can do if you have a car with a blown engine. 


1). Have a Mechanic Look at the Vehicle 

One option is to have a mechanic look at the vehicle and see if the engine can be properly repaired. There is a chance that you may get the engine to work again with some replacement parts. If you have a newer vehicle, then it may be possible to have the engine fixed. Also, if the vehicle is still under warranty, then you won’t have to worry about the repair bills. 


The good side of dealing with a mechanic is that you don’t have to deal with trying to get another vehicle. However, the flip side of having a mechanic repair your vehicle’s engine is that you may never get the type of performance that you want from the car or truck again. Also, you have to consider the repair costs if the blown engine is not covered by the warranty. 

2). Replace the Engine 

Another option on the table is to completely replace the engine. This would be a viable choice if your engine is completely blown and it makes no sense to try to replace a couple of parts. An engine swap may also be an attractive choice if you are looking to boost the power of your vehicle.


Of course, replacing your vehicle’s engine does come with some downsides. First, you will have to be prepared to spend some big money on the cost of the engine as well as the installation. Second, if the engine is going to upgrade the vehicle’s performance, then you have to consider upgrading the brakes, wheels, tires, and other components that directly affect vehicle performance. 


3). Sell Your Car to a Junk Buyer 

If it is simply not worth it to repair or replace the engine, then you will want to sell your car to a junk car buyer. With this option, you take the problem completely out of your hands and you can get cash for your vehicle right away. There are a number of junk buyers who will accept an inoperable car as long as you have the title for it. 


Of course, the downside to selling your car is that you will have to get a new vehicle. However, it can be fun to give yourself the opportunity to drive something completely new. 


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